American Made Furniture

Source Made in America Furniture for Your Showroom Floor

If you are looking to source American Made Furniture to put on your showroom floor you will find this Furniture Market to be a valuable resource. Please note that the Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market is for wholesale buyers and furniture store retailers only.

All of the furniture manufacturers at the market are from the Midwest region, centralized around Ohio. Building your supply chain with furniture builders from this area has several advantages.

First, with Ohio being centrally located in the US, there are shipping routes accessible across the US which helps to save on delivery time. Additionally, less time spent in shipping means less opportunity for a piece to get damaged during transportation.

Customization is another advantage to buying from American Made Furniture manufacturers. The furniture builders at our market are accustomed to making modifications and creating custom orders that will allow you to serve the specific requests of your customers and close more sales.

Because the raw materials are sourced domestically, the builders can provide the confidence that the furniture will be available, regardless of how the worldwide supply chain may be affected by global events. Recently this has become even more important.
Increasingly buyers value knowing where the products that they buy came from. They also value green manufacturing practices that are focused on sustainability. Your customer’s values are met when you buy American Made Furniture at the Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market.

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