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Kountry Knob Tables

Kountry Knob Tables

What sets Kountry Knob Tables apart is their custom design work to accent your existing home furnishings. Kountry Knob truly becomes the centerpiece of any dining room it graces. Each piece is made-to-order using quality materials and proven construction techniques from kiln-dried northern hardwoods like red oak and brown and white maple, cherry, hickory, elm, and more. Choose from a complete line of dining room table styles — from elegant and sophisticated to charming and traditional. Look for a selection of styles including Shaker, Shreveport, and Austin. Since every piece is custom designed, you can specify unique options like a table fitted with butterfly leaves on each end.

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Reuben Yoder

6160 S. Kansas Rd
Apple Creek, OH 44606

[ P ] 330-601-4818

[ F ] 330-698-3200

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Kountry Knob Tables
Kountry Knob Tables
Kountry Knob Tables
Kountry Knob Tables
Kountry Knob Tables

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